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I disagree. I play a Half elf and they look pretty damn human-esque. The pure elves are easy to tell apart as all their features are more elongated. Half-elves practically look human with slight elven angularity, ears and eyes. The half elves don't all look alike either, that's just one preset, and you chose literally the youngest looking preset of them all for the arguement.

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I'm pretty sure I already said it all summarised as 'You can make better looking characters in Oblivion'.

Because the point is that by current standards, Oblivion actually had very atrocious character models and it didn't age well at all, yet somehow BG3 manages to still be worse in 2020.

The small pick of default faces pretty much all look the same. Select a beard then switch through each face and you can barely see any difference at all. They are not sufficient to meet each player's choices or desires in how they want their character to look.

A fully customisable character creation engine like in Oblivion and Skyrim should pretty much be a mandatory requirement for new AAA RPGs.

Sorry, but you can't be serious. There's not a single Elder Scrolls game or Bethesda game in general where you can create an actually good looking NON-nord character without mods. This character creator is miles above ANYTHING in a vanilla Bethesda game. They have the WORST character models in gaming. You could not even create an imperial or breton character in Skyrim without them looking inbred. Of the human presets, only one Nord one came close to looking anything like a normal human. So if you wanted an aesthetic male in Skyrim, you had to play as the one nord preset. There's a reason countless preset overhaul mods exist for skyrim. Almost no one likes their take on character models. All the human race presets in Skyrim were absolutely horrble, and the elves were so awful looking you didn't want to play one. Oblivion was even worse with those potato heads. In this game I actually would not mind playing an elf/half-elf n actual fact the Half elf looks better than the Humans.

As for your small selection complaint. Say it with me. EARLY ACCESS

(APPLAUSE)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well said, Vallis!