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Actually, you guys are going a little too off-topic now.

Well, comparing photos between genders will inevitably bring something sexist along the way and that's how I felt invited to come n' chipping in.

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I still think that all of the half elven heads are better than all of the elven heads.

Perhaps it respect some universal rules about beauty, mixte-race "generally" has a better percentage for beauty. That was established by Darwin, though the study is a bit more complex than that.

Nonetheless, female characters seems to be design to attracts the boys & the lunatics with false belief that 80% of gamers are boys .. and the few of us girls, (according to that false assumption) we get the last pic in the bag of faces for male characters IF we want the equivalent.

That, perhaps, is a sign that there's a need for more female game developers. If we had more female dev, there would be more equity between genders and to the point, between races - that's quite an assumption I'm making here.

So basically, once again, with the example about the Githyanki's armour, it would have the same look on a female character or male character - either we see the butt cheek for both male/female or both are fully padded or adjusted the same way. (I don't like the fully padded, neither the "butt cheek" version, I would adjusted so it's not that "sexy" and it's not that big either).


Why are people complaining about beautiful women? We like to look at attractive people, we are a vain species, pretending otherwise is coping, the Men are just as attractive in this game so I don't see the arguement. It seems like people are less concerned with elves looking too human, and more concerned over half elves "looking better" than actual elves in their opinion, because they BOTH look pretty human. Video games should not serve as platforms to boost players own self esteem, there's people to talk to for that, they should look representitive of the artist direction. I honestly feel for these developers, because they're trying to portray their own artistic vision, while having to deal with the various people with their own personal issues who think the artist's work should cater to them specifically and be their own personal therapy so to speak, and when you have a bunch of different people wanting different things specifically catered to them, that direction gets lost, part of the reason these big AAA developers have been stumbling in this era of games is listening TOO much to player feedback, or atleast not the right kind of constructive feedback, rather they listen to the people who think they should make their game. Trying to make games for everyone, instead of the game they set out to make. "Why isn't this character this sexuality I wanted to romance that one!" "why does this character look this way, it should look like how I want". This not only damages characters in the development process, but the entire game as a whole. Anyway having more female developers =/= a better product, afterall more females at CD projekt red worked on Cyberpunk 2077 than they did on Witcher 3, and one of those games became one of the biggest rpg's of all time, the other, the biggest blunder since Fallout 76. So gender does not make a product good. Talent does, only talent

Apologies for the mini rant, but i'm just tired of this rhetoric, this rhetoric has already destroyed many of the AAA developers from Bioware to Bethesda to now CD Projekt and people insist on destroying the few we have left making quality games. Gamers need to get back to constructive criticisms, gaming mechanics, combat, writing etc etc and stop trying to turn the games into their own personal mod. Just play Skyrim instead and you can morph the entire game how you see fit LOL

But yes, most gamers are boys that's a fact, infact despite Ubisoft making Kassandra of Assassins Creed the canon character 80% of players still chose Alexios. And it was the same for Mass Effect and Commander Shepard, despite how hard they pushed femshep after 3. What does that tell you. Keep in mind here no one is saying girls aren't or can't be gamers, boys can play with barbies too. But the fact is, barbies are by and large sold to girls.

Don't apologize, Vallis. You are the one who has been making the most sense here, and you express yourself very clearly in your writing, so kudos! And yeah, I agree 100% w everything you said.

"Gender does not make a product good. Talent does, only talent." Truth!