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They have confirmed that they are working on patch four (with a video advertisement for the game and Razer products)


Good to hear, better be more than chroma support lol.

Oh yeah, what's this "Chroma support" for Razer? I have Razer headphones, but that's it. This new feature doesn't apply to me does it? Anyone know?
As someone with a Razer keyboard, mouse, and headset, I'd say probably not, unless you have one with LEDs built in (I don't, though my KB and mouse do). Chroma basically controls the lighting effects on attached Razer peripherals, letting you have effects like ripples across the keyboard when you press a key, or the keyboard changing color to the beat of the music, or integrating with certain games to have various effects.

I suspect that this was just a little advertising stunt to hype up the game some more, and get a little money from Razer. The name change to say they're working on patch 4 is interesting, though

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