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if you want to go about realism, you already mentioned the gesetea.

Lets spin this further.

Note that going to battle naked is more historically accurate than going into battle wearing studded leather
It is more historically accurate than ringmail
Two thing sthat dnd just made up.

Also note that Helmets do nothing in dnd while arguably beeing the most important part of any warriors kit during the early and high medieval pariods

Considering that studded leather didn't exist this is not surprising.
But going into battle naked (even when you include normal clothes for this)? No. Even poor peasants had gambeson type armor and most fighting in the time D&D is based on was done by mercenaries who of course had armor.
There were a few berserker type warriors who went into battle naked to show of how fearless they are, but usually they were killed very fast, especially by archers -> suicide. And much of the clothing posted here as "sexy" like tight corsets or flowing robes would even be a hindrance in combat (corset prevents breathing and robes pose the danger of tripping without offering any protection from weapons).

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