Actual new content is really needed for this currently I havent bothered to revisit or stream this since patch 2 because there was no content added really with patch 3 just not worth playing through when you already played through the game 9 times with 2 partial play through's. I get holding off releasing new content to the game with cyberpunk being released at that time. However were past the holidays and its long long long over due. We really havent had anything new at all added to the game and its a bit disapointing. When we have had content available in the files for a while like were long over due new classes / races / more story content items / gears there are like hundreds of areas could be improved. So far it feels the same contant was in the game day 1 as now there isnt enough of a change to warrant a replay at this point for such a good start and you got smaller studios with less of a budget showing you up on content it doesnt look good. There are so many areas for improvement it would be nice to see something added other than fixes or minor improvements to existing content. So far nothing has been released to expand from the base game which feels like a let down when your 1/3rd of the say through the games supposed live release date.

I have had very positive reviews so far and right now not very impressed we should at least be seeing some news updates leaking in currently in the new year.