Keep in mind, we are testing; this isn't a finished game. This phase of game design isn't about them showing us what we want to see - it's about us running through what they want tested and giving feedback. Getting the fundamental building blocks right (at which I would say they are currently failing in numerous ways) is pretty important to nail before you start worrying about more content. By limiting the scope of what content we can see, there is less for them to have to rewrite every time they change the basic elements of gameplay.

Would I like to see more content? Eventually, sure. But I don't think that's where they should be focusing their attention right now. Maybe more classes, since some of the bigger issues that are being reported speak directly to class balance; but I think a lot of those issues can be anticipated and addressed without necessarily having to actually play with new classes right now.

Testing is totally voluntary. If you're interested in working on fundamentals, dig in - that's what needs attention right now. If you're not, step away for a while and come back when they release an update that interests you. If that model bothers you, maybe EA isn't for you.