Armour should be the exact same on both, just over different bodies. Unless the armour is seriously magically with the enchantment that makes it change style mentioned in the description, aint no excuse for the dramatic changes.
Armour changing so it fits, sure, armour handwaving so its a completely different style for no reason? immersion breaking and prevents your squad from having a uniform style.

Just a sidenote, can we please limit discussions to the game not personally held views about the place of women or presuming science. Thank you.
the 'science' about strength muscle differences are all things so minor it only comes up in bodybuilders and comparing adventurers, class would really be the bigger issue i.e. fighter v wizard. As for the rest, some men do have X and some women Y. Just, can we stop with discussions that will clearly go no where and only serve to make this forum unwelcome, hostile to women and prevent discussion of the actual issue. I.e. armour that looks cool on Wyll looks lame on SH

From a purely gameplay discussion, its annoying when you find some sweet armour put it on your PC and it looks completely different on you, also sucks? when you get four copies of cool armour and go hey, uniform time but oh it's different cut, colour and materials.. boring. Having it look the same for everyone avoids that. No need to bring sexism into it.

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