Thanks for the supporting words, though I do have to be honest here; I'm not specifically a fan of Minthara - I'm interested in all aspects of the game presenting themselves well, and I'm interested in authentic depictions of the types of content they choose to represent, and when it comes to intimacy, scenes that are able to be immersive and engaging, in whatever way they ultimately decide to pitch themselves. Minthara's scenes were a perfect way to break down most of the current issues that I very much want to see rectified before they carry through to every other intimate scene and sequence as well.

On topic though (I haven't got the spare time to read through the whole thread, sorry), Minthara is definitely coded and set up to be recruitable and to potentially be a full party member in future The tell on this is a silly, simple thing: She's wearing equipment, actual in-game equipment, and when you loot it from her, she's left in her underwear; that only happens with companions or future recruitable companions. ^.^