I would like to see a screenshot - there is a related bug (see below), but the number of spells you can learn always exceeds the number that you have to prepare.

The related bug happens to wizards. Spells learned from scrolls show up on the 'spells to learn' list when you level up. But re-selecting spells you already know doesn't increase your spell list. So I think you might be able to 'bottom out' a wizard if you:
1) Have a high INT.
2) Always select spells you already know when leveling up.
3) Only learn enough spells from scrolls to be able to do #2.

The other possibility is mods that uncap and increase INT or the relevant spellcasting stat, but mods are always caveat emptor.

Even with mods, wizards can learn spells from scrolls, so, with effort and money, you can learn about 9 cantrips, 25 first level spells, and 15 second level spells. Your INT would have to be in the 80+ range to overwhelm that!

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