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People don't learn what pressing developers do.

It is on the Steam official page the content will be Act 1 only through EA. We will get classes and that's all.

Let them finish the game.

I largely agree that we don't want to push for an early release. If it takes 2 years to create successor the best RPG ever made, it does. But:

1) dataminers have told us that there is a 1a and 1b. So I'm expecting 1b at some point
2) I think they should revisit the decision to only release 1. I enjoyed Arx in DOS2 but apparently that's only because I came to the game late -- apparently they needed to revise Arx after release. It would be better if they didn't repeat that.
3) they want to keep us playing. I've almost exhausted my ability to replay the same areas . . .