@Niara oh Thank you for your honesty! I mean i understand in your post that you wasn't talking only about Minthara romance but using it as example to talk about romance and sex scene.
By the way i still appreciate very much all your hard work and research you put in your post (and in this way i could say that i appreciate seeing the pics of the female romance with Minthara, at least i avoided to reply to whole game just to see them :P)

And Thank you for confirm about Minthara being a companion i had my suspects when i murdered her (sigh i'm such a monster i know but really Larian should give some extra reasons to side with except just for the sake of burn down the whole Groove) and looting her she were naked after i looted her and an extra reason its when you use "talk with dead" on her you get a big amount of lore from her corpse.

I'm very happy she will be used as companion in the full game!