i absoluteley dont have an issue with sexualized or naked men.

However i argue that if you sexualize a man like you sexualize a woman, he wont be sexy but emasculated. Likewise if you sexualize a woman like a man, she would look vulgar and not sexy.

put conan in a chainmail bikini and he looks like a joke.
put red sonja in a loincloth and she looks indecent rather than powerfull.

Of course the ancient etruscans would have disagreed with our modern notions of tits beeing indecent, but thats hardly my fault.

Im not saying that romans werent patriarchal in the anthropological sense.
Im considering the notion silly that the romans would conquer someone specifically because they were ruled by a woman.
Note that there were far more female centric cultures in the roman sphere of influence than the island celts, who, as ive pointed out, were not matriarchal, they were a patriarchic culture by your own definition that happened to be ruled by a woman.
the same could be said about austria under maria theresia.