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I think that moment can go one of two ways -- if you see the Borat thong equivalent you can get upset that the devs put in the game but it can also serve as an invitation to experience empathy. I think the thrust of Borat's joke is to make men understand just how ridiculous some women's swimwear is. "is that comfortable? how does he keep things from falling out . . ."

So if an outfit seems on one gender, perhaps it was also ridiculous on the other gender but we've become so desensitized to the point that we can no longer spot absurdities that conform to traditional gender norms.
I have posted one request/reminder to keep the thread away from wider gender issues. I am not intending to post another one. This is not the place to discuss gender issues, it is a gaming forum to discuss the BG3 game.

Keep the thread about BG3's armour.