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Just wanted to add that I agree 100%

The chain/unchain system is simply unacceptable on an AAA game and a sequel to a game that did not have this issue - it doesn't add any benefits to party control, and all of it issues as exacerbated by a combination of derpy pathfinding, and no fast and easy way to pause (entering turnbase mode is clunky and terrible).

I can't recall how many times I wanted my party to just stop right where they are and simply can't - and the rest of the party proceeds to circle and dance around the controlled character to flash mob their way into formation.

In a game where terrain has gameplay effects and traps are set by stepping over them, it's a terrible design.

While going from crate to crate in a room in the blighted village, they ran around like chicken without eggs, then one ran out of the house through one hole in the wall and jumped back in through another. Result of the jump : concentration broken (it was a bless or magic armor spell cast previously)