It would be nice to have access to more of the classes and maybe a few extra levels in early access as well as races they had said we would be getting more content after the holidays in the prior patch which had expectations of classes and stuff being added so right now feels like were far behind. the original indication as well was there was alot to be added through out early access. So far there has been nothing added just like a demo of the game released. Early access indicates we are getting access and testing the content as it is released. But road maps like with dates even if they are pushed back would be nice. Companies do that frequently where they are like we dont want to provide dates cause the community will be upset if we cannot make that date. Personally Id rather hear hey we plan to release this on Febuary 2nd. They get to the 1st they realize they cant make the deadline. Hey guys sorry we have problems with releasing the barbarian class we have been running into some issues with a b c we will be another week or 2 before release as we do not want to release a product that is not functional or may impact your play. We thank you for your patience. We are also working on a release for the sorcerer which will be closer to march 29th. Lil things like that show a big difference and commitment to the community. It is nice seeing that stuff it was also nice seeing the demos for the content from the studio a little prior to it coming to us so we had something to look forward to like prior to the content release even when it is buggy. It was like a little teaser.