It is now 'after the holidays' for most people I some official news about Patch 4 and what it contains would be good. I have no desire to play through again until they fix their rules implementation at least (or the worst parts of it) and provide a level bump and more classes. I am resigned to what we have seen as being all of Act I (unless someone knows otherwise - which is disappointing), so I assume new quests/world content won't be arriving. It would be nice to see some response to the many many issues people have raised about the game rules systems, controls, UI etc - Solasta (yes, I said it again wink issues regular updates for their EA and justifies every little change (explains why they can/can't do things) and actually provides feedback on user suggesions (many of which they have implemented). That's real community engagement and transparency. Even though I'm disappointed at some things they can't provide, that is outweighed by these other aspects.