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Same s**t as last time ...
"I wanted to make money on streaming your game, but people are bored looking at my streams now ... create something new so i can start making money again without need to make any effort of my own." -_-

Funny that some streamers like Wolfheart are still interesting, even if there is no new content ... coincidence? I think not!

Uh, I love Wolfheart, how he brings in a lot of lore as background for his videos. His Lae'zel video is basically a githyanki crash course, for example. He reminds me a bit of Outstar, who does the same with Vampire Bloodlines and WoD lore. Those kind of videos never get boring.

As for the topic: I don't need more story atm, I think, they should rather adress the bugs and glitches. What I do want to try are new classes, druid and bard for example. I think the druids must already be implemented, because of the npcs. Probably the same with bards (Alfira) and paladins (Karlach and the one guy from the party that hunts her).

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