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I think it's funny looking at this thread and contrasting it with the complaints I've seen in other spaces saying that BG 1 & 2 were really dark and BG3 is too "light".

Baldur's Gate generally is and always has been borderline dark fantasy, in my view.

Yeah, in BG2 the game opens with you being tortured and not long after finding Khalid’s mutilated body. BG has always been quite dark but balanced with plenty of tongue and cheek absurdity.

I feel the need to raise the point that there is a huge difference between seeing something from a far up top down perspective and seeing some visceral up close with closeups and details and everything.

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I do not really see the Us brain thing as "dark" personally. Just "gross" in a way, though it almost looks comedic (why would you just pull out a brain with your bare hands like that and not wash them after!). I am personally not bothered by it, though I can see why others might be. In light of what I have seen so far of stuff it does kind of feel out of place as it is the only thing that goes to those extremes

I agree completely. It's the gross out factor that's shared with movies that goes in that direction too. It's not dark, rather, it feels a bit immature.

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