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What and roast Dwarf leg isnt?

That is kind of similar to finding corpses in games, or body parts, or skeletal remains. It is more background and kind of a common thing that does not really show much (and often more implies how they died), rather than "in your face gore" that the brain scene is more similar too, that is shown in a pretty close up camera.

If BG3 was this kind of game, one focussed on getting that Ick-Experience for people with gore and viscera a-plenty with this being the theme of the game (Mindflayers eating brains in a way like the Starship Troopers brain bug scene for example), then I would agree with it not being a game for everyone. But, this scene is kind of a one of its kind so far and feels out of place. Even with the mind flayers about that literally eat brains, stuff is not really overly detailed. BG3 does not really seem like the kind of game where these Ick-inspiring sort of scenes feel at home.