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Uh, I love Wolfheart, how he brings in a lot of lore as background for his videos. His Lae'zel video is basically a githyanki crash course, for example.
Exactly my point ... he is living proof that you can even now create interesting gameplays without next patch content.

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He reminds me a bit of Outstar, who does the same with Vampire Bloodlines and WoD lore.
Yeah, loved her ... back in the days she was releasing regulary.
Then they hired her ... and it was end. frown

It seem funny when i see pople here complaining about Larian being "not transparent enough" ... and then i return to Bloodlines forum, where we didnt get even single update for more than half year. laugh

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As for the topic: I don't need more story atm, I think, they should rather adress the bugs and glitches. What I do want to try are new classes, druid and bard for example. I think the druids must already be implemented, because of the npcs. Probably the same with bards (Alfira) and paladins (Karlach and the one guy from the party that hunts her).
As i allready said elsewhere, i believe that is right thing to do ...
First repair what you allready have ...
Then repair what your first repair broke ... (repeat few times probably laugh )
Then add another things to existing and at least somehow working world ...
And then, only then ... there is right time to expand that world.

I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!