It is supposed to show Mindflayers are this, yes. Alien, eldritch creatures that are meant to be feared. But it kind of fails to do so, really. It is just a "gross" scene. Nothing creepy, alien or freakish really. In ways it can even be seen as comedic or immersion breaking (just grabbing inside a skull to remove a brain like that, with your bare hands? That is just silly).

I would love for mindflayers to appear more allien and more like the abberations they are. More eldritch horror elements would be cool. This scene kind of misses that mark by just being an isolated ick-event that feels out of place, both in theme of the game regarding gore and creepy events as well as immersion.

Even the creatures breaking out of the skull offscreen (while possibly showing the main character's disgusted face recoiling back, and just that accompanied by ick sounds) would be better, and would make it a lot creepier to me. The implied skullbreaking and a brain wiggling out and growing feet and legs. (it goes with the more eldritch horror feel that fits mindflayers well I think. "less is more" and keep the mystery and creepiness rather than have it be all up in your face.)

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