I liked that scene. Thought it was a good way to show some of the weird stuff that mind flayers do.

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and I'm not OK with missing content just because I can't stomac it. I can endure it, but it's still over the top.
I am not ok with content being removed or watered down just because some people can't deal with it. You are not missing anything by skipping this part, you unfortunately don't even see Us again after the crash. I think with your issue, it might be helpful for you to look up guides and gameplay after it is released. There will most likely be more of this, we are dealing with mindflayers who do much worse than intellect devourers, and knowing alternate quest paths or what dialogue to skip would probably be helpful.

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I would love for mindflayers to appear more allien and more like the abberations they are. More eldritch horror elements would be cool. This scene kind of misses that mark by just being an isolated ick-event that feels out of place, both in theme of the game regarding gore and creepy events as well as immersion.

Even the creatures breaking out of the skull offscreen (while possibly showing the main character's disgusted face recoiling back, and just that accompanied by ick sounds) would be better, and would make it a lot creepier to me. The implied skullbreaking and a brain wiggling out and growing feet and legs. (it goes with the more eldritch horror feel that fits mindflayers well I think. "less is more" and keep the mystery and creepiness rather than have it be all up in your face.)
I hope they leave it as it is. If they must change it, at least leave out the immersion breaking facial expressions. Pretty sure most of my characters would be curious or amused, not disgusted. I agree there should be more eldritch horror elements. Pretty sure we will get them, mind flayers are a central theme. smile