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I picked up Solasta last month and I am MUCH happier with the more frequent updates. They are also more open about what's going on, plus they respond to their customers on their questions about why some things aren't in the game yet and some that will not be in a detailed and respectful manner. (Plus their combat is a hella lot more fun for the more technical D&D player) I have had two updates since I bought that game, Baldur's Gate has had...none. And I bought it a month before Solasta and payed twice as much.

I feel that the devs here need to be more open with us on the roadmap, scheduled updates, and hotfixes for the game. It seems they were putting out updates frequently after the October release, but now, nothing.

Come on Larian, we need some communication on what's going on, you owe us that...

While Solasta does look good you have to remember that they are not operating using the full Players Handbook they are using the Open Gaming License so unless that changes classes like the Warlock and races like Tieflings aren't happening and so far they have no plans to make it multiplayer or allowing multiclassing. If your ok with that going in thats great, after all it still looks like a decent game but don't expect those things to become available or complain when they aren't part of the game, now that being said they have commented that when Modding starts happening anything is possible but of course you are using those at your own risk per say