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I don't see that as a problem. They just need to add the ability selection all or a few squad members.
Well, what a bizarre thing to say. The problem is PRECISELY that they "need to add it" because it's not there.
The current (and incredibly shitty) control scheme always allows the player to control only one single character no matter what.

For me, the main problem is stealth. I'm tired of sending each character to stealth
But that's just a symptom of how the (again, incredibly shitty) system works: since it doesn't allow multiple selection, it also doesn't allow to give commands to a specific subset of units.
Even if they "fixed" it by making that the stealth toggle apply to everyone at the same time, it would STILL be a lousy solution, because the issue is precisely that the player may not want to necessarily extend a command to a full party, only to a selected part of it.

the same as it was with jumps, well, they sort of solved the problem with jumps.
That was a lousy fix as well, since, sure, autofollow on jump is mostly better than "do it manually for each one", but still leagues behind the ideal scenario of "Let me choose who needs to jump and who doesn't".

So the chain itself can not be removed, they just need to add the ability to select.
"Can not"? Says who?
Also, the entire point of the chain/unchain system is that the game in its current form doesn't want to give the player the "ability to select" [more than one unit]. Which makes it the core of the issue.

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Party control in Baldur's Gate 3 is a complete mess that begs to be addressed. SAY NO TO THE TOILET CHAIN