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"Can not"? Says who?

LUL English is not my native language, stop bully me. I mean, for me, the problem is not in the chain itself. It is not necessary remove... idk

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"Let me choose who needs to jump and who doesn't".

You can separate the characters so that you can choose who to jump and who not to jump. It's actually not very difficult. I'm just not interested in constantly separating characters and sending them to different points outside of combat. Well I mean not in fight.

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control only one single character

I'm sure in other games, you're essentially controlling only 1 character. Selection works essentially the same as a chain if you want to control 2-3 characters. If I need only 2 characters to go somewhere, then I calmly separate the two of them. Only "general features" like stealth don't work. That's what I don't like.
The problem with the current system is that you can only select and issue commands to a single character at a time. In games like Baldur's Gate 1 and 2, you can select any number of characters in your party at once and issue the same command to all selected characters at once.

If BG3 allowed for classic RTS controls, the way basically every other CRPG for the last 20 years has, your problem of issuing the sneak command would be solved, because you'd only need to drag a box around your party (or press the Select All button) and then click sneak, and every character would start sneaking. Same with movement and jump commands. Splitting the party up wouldn't need to involve dragging portraits off of or on to a dumb chain system, you would simple select the characters you want to go one way, and issue that command.

The fact of the matter is that classic CRPG controls are just faster, easier, and more user friendly than Larian's portrait chain system. Which is why there are 9 pages here of people in nearly unanimous agreement that BG3's controls suck.