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I feel like the most solid defence anyone has come up with for the current movement system is that it's salvageable or they offer suggestions for improvement. Which is not great considering they've used this system for two other games at this point. I don't think I've seen anyone really give a reason that this system is actually better than the typical system used for cRPGs in any meaningful capacity. This really does seem to be the one point where everyone more or less agrees-the big divide is people who think it's totally intolerable and people who say that it just needs tweaking to some extent.
Yeah, I've been saying this for a while: there are basically no fans of this system.
Even in the best case scenarios, there's a (incredibly narrow) minority of people who seem to think it could stop being completely shit IF given a few meaningful changes.
Not exactly the warmest and most flattering endorsement.

And that's ignoring how often these rare "defenders" seem to be among the people who simply has poor familiarity with the genre and the better alternatives out there.

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