I have no prior experience playing with early access games like this and do not even know if this type of thing is semi-common? I previously played rpgs on console and have played none at all on pc. I picked up Stadia and a Stadia controller to give BG3 a spin on my smart tv using Chromecast and I do like this game a lot. I see a very good and playable game in the offing and am trying to work through any and all difficulties that are a part of early access.

That being said, some things within the game are impossible for me on Stadia such as collecting the Druid Grove rewards from Rath for instance. I can not combine items on Stadia, supposedly since I do not have keyboard and mouse capabilities. To me that is something requiring a fix! I also find virtually no forum for support issues available to me for this game on Stadia? It's like "well, we'll gladly sell you this game for you to play around with on Stadia, but the testing feedback that we are considering is from the pc community and perhaps Steam or Gog .... not so much the few of you who foolishly opted to get this on Stadia?'

Maybe that will change, but I've pointed out in a number of ways and forums that prior to patch #3, character creation worked like a charm for me and the patch utterly bollixed that whole menu up. My saves were erased by that patch too and ever since that patch, the most obvious thing that has plagued me is that my characters do not level up, with all of them still at level one, no matter where they are within the story. Right now I have a tiefling fighter that has utterly wiped out the goblin camp and killed their leaders freeing Halsin in the process and all other content in between. He's just breached the Underdark fort and gotten wiped out by the minotaurs, something that I have to believe would be a bit less impossible, if he were not perpetually a level one fighter?

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