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I think patch will be in February due to time off for holidays. I wonder what small part of day 1 EA buyers are still playing this game now.

Larian has to have some of the remaining 6 classes or new subclasses added in every 2021 patch in a staggered rollout. EA testing is about finding bugs and glitches and we've only tested a very small part of skills and combinations and mechanics.

I stopped playing more than a month ago - and I joined the EA late. I won't return unless it's actually 'worth it' - why play essentially the same stuff over and over? Well, I mean it helps Larian, but I have other games to play and the Real World (TM) to deal with. 'ain't got time' They need to incentivize players if they want to get more feedback. The deafening silence is not reassuring - it's like they ignore the comunity until a patch/update is released. That's not the way to involve people , in my opinion, at any rate. And reliance of analytics to motivate game balancing/design is a poor substitute for actual people. It would be great to see some designated Larian interface person (redshirt? the community can be vicious, but with a title like this, that was always going to be the case...choose someone with a thick skin and AC20+) patrolling the forums to enage and answer questions, comment on suggestions/critiques, show us some of their thinking etc ....if they are here, they're being very discreet hehe