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I dont think there is any reason to be so offensive. :-/
I also believe that i allready described example where optional alternative was proposed, and how it ended ...
I also believe that example should show my reasons to why i dont want this system to change the same way as the other one did.

I would also like to remind you that Larian have litteraly no obligation to follow our instructions, so even if people will write the word "optional" to every single sentence, there is litteraly no guarantee that final product will include that optionality.

So once aggain i repeat: Therefore i like it as it is and i dont want it change.
If you are afraid of change because the end result might turn out worse than you had hoped for, then I would advise you to copy the current EA version of the game to an offline environment and keep it there and never update the game ever again. Because chances are that one way or another the game will change quite a lot and if your best argument to any issue is "don't change anything" instead of activily finding a solution that works for (almost) everyone, you might find yourself on the "losing" side more times than you like.

So, I hear you. You like it how it currently is and say "f*ck the others". However I would like to find a solution that works for everyone, so once again I repeat: please ADD the option for manual reactions ON TOP OF having the option for automated reactions.