I just think for a company this big and established, they could engage their community a little more. Tactical Games (Solasta) are tiny, so may be easier for them, but they make a concerted effort to engage their EA partcipants and it's a pleasure to see them take suggestons on board, even ones that had them redesign a major home-brewed part of their 5E game.

As it stands the things Larian have tweaked to date (beyond bug fixes) seem quite minor and there are serious issues with their current interpretation of 5E which concern many people. Isn't EA about gathering feedback from the EA participants? If so, surely they should acknowledge that feedback and provide some information on how they plan to improve the game, based on that feedback, through regular updates. That seems completely reasonable. Going silent for long periods does not inspire confidence - that, along with the small changes to date, suggest they aren't really paying serious attention to the player base, and perhaps looking almost exclusively at their player analytics. I guess we'll see soon enough if they have been listening to the more lengthy debates on these forums.