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To add. I'm hearing stalling jet engine noises during the crash sequence of the Nautiloid ship. Illithid Jet propulsion?

A Nautiloid doesn't need an engine. It flies by psionics of the Elder Brain and operates independent of fuel combustion and Faerûns Magic. That's what I googled on Fandom and would easily make it into the D&D trivia card game.

You never hear engines stall. They simply go mute for you when they do.
The plane accelerates to speed of sound fast. You fall faster than any sound from behind where engine sound can't reach you in the cockpit anymore.

That's by center of mass mostly not where the propulsion is. That devises are heavier that where The people are seated in breathable airspace and space to move around at leisure. That either falls last or the things spins ad spirals down.
Any pressure field of sound from enignes can't reach you.

You can at best hear aerodynamic drag noise of accelerating free fall. Only caused by the things in front of your direction of the fall. So you basically can only hear the aerodynamic drag of vortex shedding on the edges ahead in the lines of you falls direction. As a passenger you can't hear the vortex shedding on stalled engine blaades or stalled wings but only the broken cockpit windows etc.

The sound will spike/mute/spike as you tumble in a spiral. People on the ground will hear sth similar to slat and flaps landing braking aircraft make. That's what people are familiar with.
There is very few piolot who can tell of that experience. Psycholigically that will be limited to old WWII pilots who managed to bail and parachute before entering 6G+ death spiral trapping them inside or a jet pilot pull the ejector seat.

From a drama viewpoint people are better of being subjected to the dropping bomb vortex shedding whine they are familiar with from Aircraft desaster movies. No need for any real applied aerospace science here.
Mute the sound for realism isn't helping the audinece and mood at all.

But good luck trying to be the smart-arse of the internet.

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