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I agree that the disapproval/approval system can feel a bit heavy-handed at times, but so long as that gets somewhat diluted, I have no complaints with Shadowheart and Lae'zel disapproving of my actions in the early game. Wyll and Gale frequently agreed with my actions, and I was tough enough to get Shadowheart to approve of how I handled things when it counted. If you're playing a neutral/good character, you can still be on pretty good terms with Shadowheart by the end of
act 1, even pre-patch, so I don't see what your problem is? Is it that the two female characters available so far didn't like you enough?

As you may have noticed, there is no good alignments in the story setuo. You are bad party on a lit fuse. Your team will implode by fault lines - each one is a ticking time bomb.
Some carry a less obvious warning sign around their neck or do their bidding just well.

The backup in camp partcipate in XP for a very good reason. That you are left with a team that can play through there story on any path.

On a second run across several mutually exclusive affiliations developing through out the game.
Pls. take you time to check what a Shaar cleric is. The wiped part of memory is a time bomd like all the other dark affiliations in your team. Lae'zel is a part of a cult of evil raiders regarding their racist views of Faer!uns inhabitants.
Cleansing ritual of the tadpole sound like ultimate sacrifice and not cure to me. But we can't get there yet.

Someone like Elminster could cure you in Baldurs Gate. Unlikely that Githyanki would not kill any but their own tribes kin.

Gale and Astarion are mutally exclusive as well. Some choices benefit one and hurt the other badly.
Haven't used Wyll much but he is bound to his warlock pact. Simple as that.

Which toad you prefer swallow?

I'm testing what happens when you attempt to perma kick you mates in third run. Rumored not to be that easy for some hidden storyline reason.
Expect that all of them have to make their Odysseus bid fror freedeom of being some deities muppet.
What you think is heavy handed is the storylines straight jacket of a sadistic DM. That what you need to run a storyline in code.

You can pretty freely play any role. Clcik through on the hero button has a lot of twists in for you.

I recommed play a female Drow Lolth cleric and commit yourself to always chose the true to character options. Be it Drow or Cleric.
At vest chose proficeincy in Religion and Arcane for aome nice insights. Reroll to explore where any extremes pull you into.
That's where you get true insight into the more interesting parts of the approve/disapprove hidden stats.

You don't just gain +1/-1 on them and slowly build confidence on a scorecard. Some action weigh in heavy by their dark affiliatiions.
Some of them you cannoot want to please by any means from a "just do the good".

Some characters do their bidding pretty well and you don't know a thing to what ends it leads you.
You could as well trust Raphael rather than any of yozr team straight away. Shop around ... so true,
Destiny drags you along a path? Hells ... yes it does. Enjoy that rollercoaster ride.

You try to please all of them. Fine for a first run but basically a wasted second you could get more feedback out of your time.
I mapped affiliations of rge typical Forgotten realms competing factions of Toril before I engaged in a second run and it yielded a lot of insight.
Then you go and have the more mulled character open up first it get's really interesting.

W/O doing very diffrent deeds and results affiliations turn heavily around. It's a dark hidden matrix stacked against you on every corner.
Pls. anyone seems to be exactly the wrong tactics. You choice works best maatching to play your chosen role true to character.

That's a brand new convincing computerized DM experience. Technically a milestiine in game and storyline design. True piece of art. Probably evil in nature and consuming your soul.
Clearly, the story is addictive.

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