It depends ...
You know the funds are limited, and even concidering how many people allready payd for this game (and i know that sume seem like HUUUUUUUGE AMOUNT of money) its a still number, and will probably not move so much from now on.
So, if Larian want this game to be sucessfull, and now i mean not for players, but for them ... bcs even if i believe that they do their work with honest passion and everything, at first place its their work ... meaning they need profit ... meaning they need to count how much of those money they can use at a time.

So as i see it they need to make decision ...
Either they hire more people to interact with us ... and thin theyr money a lot, since those people will not do it for free.
Or they can tast someone to interact with us ... and that person will no longer be able to work on this game, personaly this forum by itself takes around two hours per day from me and i read only feedback part, reply only for few topics and few things directly related to my person.
Or they can decide what i think they decided ... show us they are listening, they have people who is reading our feedback, and sending it to them, then they reconcider their decisions, see how it fits their vision and here or there rework something ... and then, instead of wasting time or money to "just talking", we can see fruits of our cooperation in another patch.

For myself i must say that i support this decision, its most effective one.
Of course there would be people who would demand more, but thing is that they will allways be there ... until developers will have live streams 24/7 from webcams conected to their chest, there will allways be someone who will feel like "not getting enough comunication", and those people wont be satisfied even then, since then they would demand that developer they are watching to work on something else. laugh

I say chill out, we were promised that we will get another patch "somewhere after the holidays" and we were promised that in that patch there will be "a lot more of your ideas implemented" ... so, i believe we would see our fruit soon enough. smile

I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!