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If you are afraid of change because the end result might turn out worse than you had hoped for, then I would advise you to copy the current EA version of the game to an offline environment and keep it there and never update the game ever again.
Or ... you can use mod, its quite the same situation, just turned around. laugh

Mods is the stupidest solution / answer when we're talking about important things that could totally change the experience.
Mods can't properly implement everything and mods are usually only available for PC.

But don't be embarrased... Even Sven use this shitty argument... (For the party of 6)

BG3 doesn't deserve to become like Mount and Blade 2. The modding community shouldn't work to finish games.
Cute ... first please bother to read it whole, then we can talk.

Err, your solution is to use mods, your point is quite clear.
But we are asking for a game to address the problems sometime in development so that mods do not have to be a solution. This is an EA forum for us to give our feedback, in other words, the point of EA is for us to influence how this game turns out. If the solution to every issue we have is mods then there would have been no point to EA, they wouldn't have wanted nor needed us and the game would have come out 2021-2022 completely without our input. But they released it as an EA title and asked us for our feedback, and so far a large amount of people are giving the feedback that the reaction system needs to be updated, either entirely or with optional features. And some people's feedback is that it is fine the way it is. Yours is that it is fine and mods will solve any issue, but that does not really give insight into the issue and feels more like a non-solution even though it is in the latter camp. Mods are meant to come after a game comes out and add extra player made content, but if a mod is required for the experience to be what was intended then that looks poorly upon the game. BG3 is supposed to be a transference of 5e to a video game with some changes to make it better for a better gaming experience. As such, I argue that resorting to mods is not within that goal and updating reactions to better fit that goal is best.

This is not meant to be confrontational and I am sorry if it turned out to be so.