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That is all correct, however please note there is a bug on these even after getting branded, that if you heal a party member, it will actually Bane them as well (mistakenly treating the heal spell as an "attack" spell instead).

(Please fix bug)

This is actually a deep-running bug that shows itself all throughout the game in all sorts of situations. Currently, the game treats Everything as 'an attack', including buffing - which in turn includes things like hiding, because using hide gives you a 'buff' (hidden) according to the game. You can witness this with the Corellon's Grace staff as well; practically anything you do that affects your own character (such as hiding or getting healed), counts as you being hit with an attack, which procs the staff to cast resistance on you - which in turn breaks your concentration automatically if you're concentrating on something else (because it's treated in the code as you casting resistance on yourself).

Everything counting as attacks absolutely needs addressed, but it's a big, deep thing that affects large swathes of the game.