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Why shouldn't we demand update or, at least more communication...?
So you don't get upset when all the things they blabbered on about while communicating profusely don't end up making it to the next patch or the final product. Surely the fate of cyberpunk made the concept of overpromise and under-deliver very obvious to everyone. Pushing out half-baked updates doesn't help anyone and will make the development process less efficient, pushing out a patch is no small project on its own and neither is meaningful community interaction. Even if you hire a guy to do nothing but talk to the community you're taking time off of everyone else's day to find out what they're doing and how far along they are, and that's ignoring the first thing I said about giving false hope and empty promises/implications.

Better for them to take their time and meet their internal development goals, documentations and deadlines rather than bored forum users demands.

Don't get me wrong.

I totally agree that they should take their time.
I'm fine with a release in 2023 or more, the game has many things going wrong according to me so yes, take your time to create 1) the best game you ever made 2) the best following of the legend 3) the best rpg since and for 2 decades.

That said, communications, update, some kind of roadmap, ambitions for the game,... keep players hyped even if there are no new content.

I totally don't care about new content right now (new classes, races, levels, spells,...), but I'll be glad to know a bit what they're working on, what are their priorities and maybe what feedback they focus on after a few months of EA.

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