Probably been mentioned before but compulsive hoarding is a real and genuine medical condition... perhaps worth looking into if this stuff genuinely bothers you. The only real issue I have had with the inventory management is how laggy and barebones it is. In dos2 when you dragged an item over a container in your inventory it went right in, in bg3 they simply swap places. Sorting keeps breaking, you cant sell all wares yet, transitioning between inventory and equipment screens has lag and other quality of life stuff like that.

The actual quantity of items was never even remotely an issue as I purposefully only pick up things I need or might need like food, potions, gold, valuables, keys, quest items and notes (though the game seems to keep track of their contents for you behind the scenes if youve read them), I cant imagine most RP characters being interested in hauling everything that's not nailed along with them even if their DM let them for whatever reason. Personally though I find the lack of backpacks on the character models to be the weirdest thing especially when they're carrying a lot of things on them. I know that its extremely common in video games, same with the lack of quivers for archers, but still odd especially in an RP setting where the back is an equipment slot.