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I'll be glad to know a bit what they're working on, what are their priorities and maybe what feedback they focus on after a few months of EA.

One thing about listening to feedback is that it implies your plans are still malleable and can be changed, which sort of restricts your ability to provide a roadmap especially in a project that doesn't have a set deadline such as this once. I assume a roadmap will come when we are closer to release and the day to day is less of a matter of what and how and more of a matter of when, fingers crossed.

Personally I would love to know how they allocate their time and resources internally and what their workflow is but that's never going to be public knowledge. This is the first early access title I've paid money for so I could at least see the end product unfold first hand patch to patch, backed by Larian's track record of actually finishing games. I gather that most people don't have the same angle on this early access and simply want to play the game, which is understandable :p