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This is excacly what made put the DOS2 down after 10 hours of gameplay. COMMON LARIAN THIS LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE A DOS2 INVENTORY!

So many items and item types everything becomes pointless and non essential. Magic stuff feel bland and non unique. Scrolls everywhere, magic swords everywhere... Over 600 food items, and dozens and dozens of cariable of barrels?? WTF Larian. Tidy up your items.
Its not question that <well, If you dont want it, dont pick it up!> Its just that there is so much useless crap stuff out there, AND WE KNOW THIS BY DEFAULT, it makes playing the game totally pointless. Ive got unlimited scrolls, and food, and can get ANY magic items I want...this destroys the atmosphere and OVERDOES what is and inst believable. You SHOULD NOT be able to carry hundreds of items.

I actually LIKE the restriction you had in BG2. 16 slots + 15 including your wearable and quick items. Its ELEGANT, its BELIEVABLE, it makes THINK on what you might need. At worst case you still had bottomless bags and scroll cases anyways. It just felt so much easier and special to have items.

You nailed it there. When rare and exotic items are readily available in abundance, they then by definition become commonplace and their value is diminished. Having an overabundance of gold in the first Act is a similar issue.

It strikes me that so far Larian have seemingly made the decision to dispense with anything that could be a link to the previous BG games, despite several of the mechanics etc from BG1 & 2 being superior to BG3. Whether this is for reasons of pride in wanting to stamp their own vision on the game or the limitations of their game engine or even something else, I do not know. Currently the only familiar things to me are the game title and the token 'venture forth' prompt.