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We're playing the EA to give feedback and to see how the game evolve before its release. Why shouldn't we demand update or, at least more communication...?

Isn't sharing and expectations the main purpose of a (60$) EA ?

But I'm sure the next update is going to come soon.

Sharing feedback and suggestions is fine and is the purpose of EA. Asking for new content because you are bored of what's available, to me, isn't. This is not a complete game nor is it a slow rollout of the full game. It's a testing phase as well as an opportunity for Larian to showcase their product. Even if Larian decided not to patch further until full release, that'd be fine. Sure, they risk going forward with a lot of mistakes and systems a lot of players will hate but it's their prerogative.

I have been very critical of Larian and I can't believe I'm defending them right now. If they choose to ignore the forum posters (which by the way is a very very small minority) then it's up to them. Ultimately I can choose to stop reporting bugs and testing their game. There's plenty to do elsewhere. I hope BG3 becomes great but it's not a huge deal if it isn't. I'll just learn not to purchase another EA from Larian again.

I'm just saying Larian is not obligated to do anything right now.

I could argue that in these days to think of releasing a beta testing of a game, one that has a big name, in a moment when people has more time to play because of the various lockdowns, when the platform of players is increased dramatically, when people is used, thanks to the politics followed by smartphone apps, to have content on almost weekly, when not daily, basis, without a time table, without considering the chance to add new content, in the area already developed, is a bit naive.

A bored player that get frustrated can become an hotspot of bad reviews, something like "why did you abbandoned the game?" "eh, they're lazy and don't care to put out new content". I know in my hypotethic dialogue there's no pointig out that this is an early release, but how many players, the ones that are casual players and are not so much in the technical stuff, really knew what early access means?

Videogame industry is one that has become incredibly competitive, specially since video gaming spread out the "geek" and "nerd" niches reaching wider and wider audiences, to be competitive in this area means to manage said audience, to take in count that to mantain the attention of people that doesn't belong to the hardcore players, specially since early access is, too, a way to increase funds, maybe give a candy every now and then, the risks is to loss potential players and to irritate people that has access to social media bullhorns to amplify their disappointment.

[Just to be clear, not my case. I am differently concise, social media don't have enough space for my terse style, seriously probably I am of the few that were able to have a facebook post not posted because the lenght was over the 3000 characters laugh laugh laugh ]