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So where do i signup for club membership here?

Anyway. Anyone else think that whole "You belong tome, i to you" was a bit too soon? Yeah sure we just massacred few tiefling and druids, and a few kids. Had sex once. Then all of a sudden the drow, with history of bad relationships, professes to us. Bit abrupt in my opinion.

I think it was. And I’m probably the only one on this forum that doesn’t see what the hype is about regarding Minthara.

She looks like she’s going to fall under the same trope of other drow female characters in BG2 and NWN. Both Viconia and Nathyrra were evil companions who get redeemed by the player character. Seems the damsel in distress trope has evolved.

Now if Minthara stays pure evil (and she should since I don’t see how you can be redeemed after massacring the grove) for role play with evil characters, that’d be interesting.