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Anyone else think that whole "You belong tome, i to you" was a bit too soon?

It's not, since she says she saw enough of you in your mind when you connected, but the plot hole is that it happens regardless of what kind of personality your character has, I think there should be a few flags that she needs to check, based on your background and dicisions, to see if you fit what she likes.

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Both Viconia and Nathyrra were evil companions who get redeemed by the player character. Seems the damsel in distress trope has evolved.

Wat? how is that a damsel in distress? When was Nathyrra a damsel in distress?

Evolved. Meaning drow females that are companions are seemingly designed to be redeemed or “saved” in some fashion. In Nathyrra’s case, it was to help her cause ( been a long time so I don’t remember clearly). Of course both Viconia and Nathyrra weren’t damsels in distress literally. But I get the “white knight” vibe with their stories.

If Minthara can be redeemed, I suspect it will play out the same way. I hope she stays pure evil whether she joins the party or not. I would love to see the final narrative story explaining how she took back her house and is now a matron or something like that.