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Yeah, but I mean... BG3 has graphics, and has committed to taking advantage of using a cinematic camera perspective during interactions. They didn't do this with DOS2, and I really think DOS2 suffered for it. It was a lot harder to relate to characters because you couldn't see them emote from a top-down perspective.

Of course, this doesn't mean it'll be Metal Gear Solid tier professional cinematography, so there will be scenes that would be better if the camera were used more creatively. I'm just not expecting that kind of sophistication so I'm not going to complain about the cinematography being a bit clumsy.

I never played DOS2 so cannot share an opinion on the point you made about companions and emotes but what I would say is that BG2 did not have cinematics and I found that the writing was enough to convey the companions' personalities and enough for me to relate to the ones I liked to travel with. The issue with the cinematics at present is that the main protagonist is mute and expressionless for almost all of the interactions which just totally sours the experience for me. I'd rather just read some dialogue quite frankly.

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