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Maybe. Still not much of a start though IMO. As I mentioned, there's like three conversations before she makes her confession of love.

I doesn't look like much of a relationship is planned either. You can't take her with you in your party or camp-she says she'll see you again after you go to Moonrise Tower and meet the Absolute-which means Act II at the earliest we'll even see her again. Compare that with the Origin characters who even if you aren't in a relationship with, you get to hear their banter, their impressions, their side quests. Maybe Larian will develop it into something meatier, but there really isn't much there at all, and there aren't really any hints towards that changing by the end of Act I even.

She does not confess love.

Also the tiefling origin character, for example, wants to meet you later in baldurs gate, and declines joining straight away.

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