I fully agree with inventory management being atrocious in BG3, something that was a big issue in Divinity Original Sin 1 and 2 as well. There is just so much junk and so many free items, it devalues the worth of the magical items and resources you find. Just picking up stuff to vendor is a nobrainer as well, you just need the strength but with a party (or even a solo character with good STR) that is a no brainer. The other infinity engine games (And even games like Diablo, NWN etc) had inventory management. It made sense, it required some thought (And it gave containers/gembegs/scrollcases/bags of holding a lot of value too). That layer is kind of gone and everything inventory and loot related in BG3 feels like a chore and a drag, not rewarding while selling loot should be a rewarding moment.

What makes this situation in my opinion even worse is all the random junk you see when you use the Highlight key (default alt) and see all the plates and candles and other random stuff too. The fact that you even find this junk in chests is a bit of an insult to the injury, along it being tedious to doubleclick every item you want to handpick from the chests over the "Loot all" option. Selling/bartering is also a chore and tedious which does not really help, when you need the money and thus need to pick up all the junk to make some.

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