The game put limits. Weight. With some characters three barrels make the toon unable to move because there's too much stuff in the inventory.

There's also the fact that hoarding at such level is time wasting (by the way I wouldn't use a person with OCD as a paragon for how to approach a game), there's also the fact that things like resurrection scrolls have high cost, same goes for high level spell scrolls and serious magic armor.

Another balancing factor is the fact that some bosses are quite difficult for the average player (and the average player is not what we see in this forum, we are seasoned players, some with a more casual approach others with a more thoughtful one).

From my experience this game, like the OSD, is just like all other games that aim to broader audience, in games that are designed for more limited platform of consumers like Vampyr, Sinking City, the Call of Cthull'u, the items are way lower, in wich you can pick up everything (to my mind come the Bethesda Elder Scrolls series, the Fallout series, from Obsidian I can easily name The Outer Worlds), and the drop rate is lower than that of mmorpgs.

And, again, immersion is just a word. The moment you willingly search for things that broke your immersion it's your decision not a real issue.

I played my first run and didn't even noted many of the things listed in so many, too many, posts. Posts that to me are nothing to do with immersion, beta testing or whatever the aim of an early release is, but with the intention of find something that annoys and gave reason to complain.

I can understand the weird feeling of having a message that stats that time is passing, to have quests that have a time trigger, but not to have an actual passing of time (it's always a sunny temperate day with the sun high in the sky, corpses don't rot), the fact that, even if with this kind of graphic motor to implement rides is impossible, there are no signs of horses or other animals used for transport, I get the tech and graphic issues.

I can not understand the aimed search for things that annoy ourselves.

What's the point, other that satisfy our own ego and habits, of hoarding for the sake of it?

It doesn't add anything to the improvement of the game, not for the average player, not for the casual player (I lost count of how many times I haven't enough gold to resurrect the companions or my toon).