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So you think that everyone that is raised in an ''evil'' society are tragic and broken? All drow, all goblins etc? Every individual can feel sad for loss. Also, from what I undrstood, she killed a lot of the people she cared about due to betrayal, not enemies, but it's not that important. There are always unpleasant things on any path you take, doesn't mean that the path is not for you, as soon as you encounter the first difficulty.

It depends on what society it is. A son of a cruel dictator is raised in evil society, but is his life bad? I do not think so. Life of most evil, average characters in DnD is miserable though.

Goblins mostly aren't that smart to be evil in same way as humans/elves/drow. They also have natural tendency towards evil, something that the races mentioned before lack.

Because of how does the life of almost every drow in Underdark look like, you can say that it is tragic, to a different extent.

The daily struggle for survive, combined with pathological society rules, evil and cruel things happening everywhere, is probably why does the lore refer to almost all of them going insane.

IIRC the custcene with mind-reading says that she is scarred mentally due to all of the lossses, constant betrayals, and "anticipating the knife in the back"

Then we get to learn about her "enemies, friends, lovers and family members, slain too soon" which is really vague and not so easy to interpret, as the first line.

The interpretations that come almost instantly to my mind, are:
- she was forced/really unwilling to betray people she cared about, it resulted in their deaths
- her enemies killed lots of people that she cared about
- people she cared about, betrayed her and she was forced to kill them (She gets really angry if we betray her during the camp interaction, which hints that this could be a very real possibility)

The first line and the interaction with player after the failed attempt to kill us in sleep tell us, in a obvious way, that she clearly does not like betraying others.
It doesn't come as easy thing for her. If she has done it before, which very likely was the case, as she is a drow; it wasn't out of her choice, or there was huge feeling of guilt left afterwards, combined with being really conflicted over what to do.

Then we got the fact that she dislikes Lolth, a goddess of betrayal, backstabbing and cruelty. Another hint.