See, I find that people very often confuse the two. Whether a character is capable of feeling attraction and love is completely seperate from how they treat other people. I don't know if you player The old republic but there is a companion and a romance option for Sith warrior - Jaesa. If you romance her, she falls very deeply in love with you and acts very anti-sith like when it comes to you, she says that even though you are her master she would never betray you, never hurt you and never try to kill you and take over, like sith apprentices do when they are ready, and she proves this with her deeds in the story so it's not just words. But at the same time she is a sadisic psychopath when it comes to anyone else, she likes inflicting pain, torture and kill, says after fights in an ecstasy ''their pain is exquisite'' and is a zealot when it comes to the rest of the Sith doctrine. The fact that someone falls in love with and is kind towards you does not mean that it's some kind of step towards being loving and kind to everyone in general.

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