In BG1/2 playing as a villain was a lot more expensive than playing as a lawful do gooder type, mainly because you had to manage your reputation in order to keep from getting harassed by guards constantly. It had a solid RP angle for charlatans and thieves in the mix, with a fair amount of middling corruption and bribes to go around. Plot points to encourage throwing more money at the problem for payoffs to cover your tracks and staying greedy to keep the crew in line. Basically the game needs a separate black market type economy to serve as a gold sink and to accommodate the thieves and murder hobos but also making it harder to go full dragon horde on the haul. Right now temples don't serve much of a purpose, and there are no followers on retainer, or stronghold type cash sinks. It'd have been nice to see more of the city in the EA, to see how that stuff is meant to work