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There are big differences between those 2 characters still; Also we've yet to learn the full story for Minthara to judge it that precisely.

I honestly do not think, that she will be at any point good towards everyone, if redeemed. More like neutral and still uncaring, homever without harming innocents or others without any good reason. And certainly in very good relation towards PC.

I know that there is a difference, I was just explaining the difference.

I'm just saying that your assumption that:

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The first line and the interaction with player after the failed attempt to kill us in sleep tell us, in a obvious way, that she clearly does not like betraying others.
It doesn't come as easy thing for her.

Is not necessrily true, because she might just be reluctant only because she likes you. If she didn't, she maybe could've done it without any hesitation, which one of the indicators is she does it without hesitation if you probe her for her negative thoughts, since then she is mad at you and no longer has a high opinion of you.